Certified Cotton

What is certified cotton?

Certified cotton is cotton that has been grown, harvested, and processed according to specific environmental and social standards. There are several different certification programs for cotton, each with their own criteria and requirements. The goal of certified cotton is to promote sustainable and ethical practices throughout the cotton supply chain, from the farmer to the consumer.

A certification program for cotton is the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI), which focuses on promoting sustainable cotton farming practices and improving the livelihoods of cotton farmers. These cottons are certified by OEKO-TEX®. BCI-certified cotton is grown using more sustainable methods, such as reducing water use and chemical pesticides, and is produced under safe and fair labor conditions.

Certified cotton provides consumers with a way to ensure that the cotton products they purchase have been produced with environmental and social responsibility in mind. By choosing certified cotton, consumers can support more sustainable and ethical practices within the cotton industry.

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