What is a compression fabric?

What is a compression fabric?

compression fabric is a specially designed type of fabric known for its unique properties. It's characterized by its tight stretch and high tenacity, often constructed using a knit fabric structure. This type of fabric finds its application in various industries, primarily in athletic wear and the medical field.

In athletic wear, compression fabric is used to provide support and enhance performance. It works by gently applying pressure to the muscles, which can help improve blood circulation and provide a feeling of muscle support. This can be particularly beneficial during workouts, aiding in reducing muscle fatigue and promoting quicker recovery.

In the medical industry, compression fabrics are used for therapeutic purposes. They can assist in promoting proper blood flow, especially in cases where individuals might have circulation issues. Compression garments are also utilized in post-surgery recovery to minimize swelling and aid in healing.

You'll also find compression fabric in everyday fashion, such as the waistbands of tights and shapewear. These garments use the fabric's shaping and supporting properties to provide a flattering and comfortable fit.

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