Sewing bulkly fabrics

How Can I sew fabric that is bulky and somethimes gathers?

When sewing bulky seams, such as those found in thick fabrics or multiple layers of fabric, it's important to take the right approach to ensure clean and professional-looking results. Follow these steps to sew over bulky seams:

  1. Choose the right needle: Start by selecting a needle suitable for the fabric you are working with. For bulky fabrics, a heavier or specialized needle, such as a denim needle or a needle designed for thick fabrics, can help penetrate the layers more easily.
  2. Adjust the machine settings: Check your sewing machine's settings and make any necessary adjustments. Increase the stitch length slightly to allow the needle to move through the layers more smoothly. You may also need to adjust the thread tension, depending on the fabric type and thickness.
  3. Reduce bulk: Before sewing over the bulky seam, reduce the thickness as much as possible. Trim the seam allowances down to a manageable size, taking care not to cut into the stitching. If applicable, grade the seam allowances by trimming one layer slightly shorter than the other to reduce bulk.
  4. Use a seam guide or marking tool: Mark or use a seam guide to indicate the stitching line on the fabric, ensuring that the seam remains straight and even. This step is particularly important when working with thick or uneven fabrics.
  5. Sew slowly and steadily: When sewing over the bulky seam, go slowly to allow the machine to handle the thickness without skipping stitches or causing other issues. Use the handwheel to manually turn the needle when it becomes challenging to sew with the machine.
  6. Consider alternative sewing techniques: Depending on the project and fabric, you may find it helpful to use alternative sewing techniques. For example, you can switch to a walking foot or a zipper foot to help feed the layers evenly and reduce bulk. Experiment with different techniques to find what works best for your specific situation.
  7. Test on scrap fabric: If you're unsure about how your machine will handle the bulky seam, it's a good idea to test on a scrap piece of fabric with similar thickness before sewing on your actual project. This allows you to make any necessary adjustments and practice your technique.

By following these tips and adjusting your sewing approach accordingly, you can successfully sew over bulky seams and achieve professional-looking results. Remember to be patient, take your time, and make any necessary adjustments to ensure the best outcome for your sewing project.

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