Bias Cut

What is a bias cut?

A bias cut refers to a method of cutting fabric at a 45-degree angle to the grain line of the fabric. This creates a diagonal cut that allows the fabric to drape and flow more easily, making it ideal for creating garments with a fluid, graceful, and more fitted look.

When fabric is cut on the straight grain, it has less stretch and movement, which can result in a more boxy or stiff appearance. By cutting on the bias, the fabric gains stretch and flexibility, allowing it to contour to the body more closely and creating a more flattering fit.

However, working with bias-cut fabric can be more challenging than working with fabric cut on the straight grain, as it has a tendency to stretch and shift during the cutting and sewing process. Careful handling and cutting techniques are necessary to ensure a successful outcome.

Overall, the bias cut is a versatile and effective technique for creating garments with a graceful and flowing look, and is often used in high-end fashion and formal wear.

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