Pantone Color

What is a pantone color?

Pantone colors are standardized color codes used in the printing, graphic design, and fashion industries to ensure color consistency across various materials and products. The Pantone Matching System (PMS) is a color system that provides a range of specific colors that can be replicated consistently across different printing or manufacturing processes.

Each Pantone color is identified by a unique code that consists of a combination of numbers and letters. For example, Pantone 19-4052 is a specific shade of blue known as "Classic Blue". The Pantone system includes over 1,800 colors that are carefully curated and updated each year to reflect current design trends and consumer preferences.

By using a standardized color system, designers and manufacturers can ensure that colors will appear the same across different materials and products, regardless of the production process or substrate.

We provide the closest pantone color to our fabric so that you can use the Pantone Matching System to see exactly what color fabric you're getting, even if you don't order a swatch. (We still recommend you order a swatch, though.)

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