Trench Coat Fabric

What are good fabrics for a trench coat?

When it comes to choosing the best fabric for a trench coat, several factors should be considered, including durability, water-resistance, breathability, and overall aesthetic appeal. Here are some fabrics commonly used for trench coats:

1. Cotton Twill: Cotton twill is another durable fabric commonly used for trench coats. It has a diagonal weave that gives it strength and structure. While it may not be as water-resistant as gabardine, it provides a versatile and timeless look.

2. Wool: Wool is a warm and luxurious option for trench coats, ideal for cooler climates. It offers natural insulation and can provide excellent protection against wind and light rain. Wool-blend fabrics, combining wool with other fibers like cashmere or synthetic materials, can enhance durability and water-resistance.

3. Polyester or Nylon: Polyester or nylon fabrics can provide increased water-resistance and durability for trench coats. They are often used in combination with other materials or as a coating on the outer layer to repel water. These fabrics are lightweight, easy to care for, and can offer good wind resistance.

4. Technical Fabrics: Trench coats made from technical fabrics like Gore-Tex or other breathable and waterproof materials are suitable for those who need a highly functional coat in wet and outdoor environments. These fabrics offer exceptional water-resistance, breathability, and windproof properties, making them ideal for active use.

When choosing a fabric for a trench coat, consider your climate, lifestyle, and personal style preferences. Traditional fabrics like cotton gabardine or cotton twill provide a timeless and elegant look, while technical fabrics offer enhanced performance and functionality.


Here are some DIY Patterns and Ideas for Trench Coats:

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