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What size are swatches?

At, we recognize the importance of providing accurate representations of our fabrics and products to ensure your complete satisfaction. Swatches serve as invaluable tools for assessing color, texture, and overall suitability for your creative projects. In this knowledge base article, we will delve into the topic of swatch sizes, explaining the typical dimensions as well as variations based on fabric type, including special considerations for ombre fabrics, border prints, and panels.

Standard Swatch Sizes: Swatches at are typically provided in dimensions of 5" x 6". This size offers a substantial sample for visual assessment and aids in decision-making. These standard swatches are versatile, providing sufficient material to evaluate color accuracy, fabric drape, and texture.

Variations in Swatch Sizes: While our standard swatches measure 5" x 6", it is important to note that swatch sizes may vary based on the fabric type and design. In some cases, swatches may be cut as small as 2" x 4", offering a more compact sample for fabrics with intricate or delicate patterns. This ensures that you receive an ample representation of the design while maintaining the practicality of the swatch.

Special Considerations for Ombre Fabrics, Border Prints, and Panels:

  1. Ombre Fabrics: Ombre fabrics feature a gradient or fade effect, transitioning from one color to another. To accurately represent the color variation, swatches for ombre fabrics may be provided as longer strips of fabric, showcasing the full range of the gradient. This allows you to evaluate how the color changes within the fabric and how it aligns with your creative vision.
  2. Border Prints: Border prints are fabrics with decorative patterns or motifs positioned along one or both selvages, creating a border effect. Swatches for border prints may be cut to highlight the border design, providing a clear representation of the pattern's placement and scale. This allows you to envision how the border will appear when incorporated into your project.
  3. Panels: Panels are fabrics featuring a design or scene that spans the width or length of the fabric, often used for creating focal points or statement pieces. Swatches for panels may include a section of the design to showcase the main elements and give you an idea of how the panel will appear in your project.

Ordering Swatches: To order swatches, simply locate the swatch option on the product page of the fabric you are interested in. Choose the swatch size provided, which may vary depending on the fabric type. Add the swatch to your cart, and proceed with the checkout process. Ordering swatches allows you to make well-informed decisions and ensures that the fabric you select is perfectly suited for your needs.

 Swatches play a vital role in assessing color, texture, and suitability for your creative projects. While our standard swatch size is typically 5" x 6", variations exist based on fabric type and design. Swatches may range from 2" x 4" for intricate fabrics to longer strips for ombre fabrics, border prints, and panels. Ordering swatches from allows you to have a tangible representation of the fabric, empowering you to make confident decisions. If you have any further questions or need assistance, our dedicated customer support team is here to help. Happy shopping and exploring the possibilities at!

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